In Memory of Alfonso Matteo Morelli
Patriarch of Morelli Brothers.

Kirkland/Redmond WA

True Story of their Success.

What happened to Alfonso's Story ?

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Monument to Morelli Brothers via Alfonso

Who are the Morelli Brothers

Alfonso Matteo Morelli

Born: December 4 1883

Died: April 23 1979

Arived in US: June 2 1905

Martino Morelli

Born: November 11 1890

Died: August 29 1964

Arrived in the US: June 2 1905

Silvio Morelli

Born: December 5 1892

Died: Febuary 17 1979

Arrived in the US: March 5 1914

Tito O Morelli

Born: September 14 1897

Died: September 9 1991

Arrived in the US: January 1915

Morelli Bros:
Alphonso Morelli
Alfonso Matteo Morelli
Martino Morelli
Silvio  Morelli
Tito Morelli

Italian immigrants American Dream come true

Shown above 5 of the 6 original Morelli Brothers: Not shown Enricho. From left to right Alphonso, (Alfonso) Matteo, Martino, Silvio, Tito Sr.

This picture taken 1957 last picture of 5 brothers together.  Alphonso returns back to his home in Paganica Italy.

Morelli Brothers and wives 1950's

Alba & Silvio, Alfonso & Mamie, Martino & Loretta, Ida & Tito Sr. Picture taken early 1950's on Morelli Brothers farm  RFD#1 Kirkland WA.

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Alfonso Matteo Morelli

Patriarch of Morelli Brothers. Promised his Father that he would  care for his Brothers in America. Alfonso Matteo was a  Foreman, Supervisor & Chief Engineer for Winston Brothers Construction from 1905 till 1938.  As a Tunnel Expert , Explosives expert and Engineer for the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific railroad; Iron Horse Tunnel Snoqualmie pass, Turbine tunnels Grand Coulee Dam, Minidoka Dam and Irrigation Project Eastern WA, Vale Irrigation Project Oregon. Advisor on Panama Canal project. Head Engineer on Panama to Columbia Rail Road project 1934.  Retired 1937.

Martino Morelli

Arrived in US with his older brothers Enricho and Alfonso in 1905.  Worked Winston Brothers in coal mine transfered to railroad constructionto work with brother Alfonso, arrival in Kirkland 1908. With Alfonso they  purchased small amount of land from the Hammond family and started raising chickens with the Hammonds.  Martino continued working with the chickens.  Martin spent 5 months in the hospital prior to his death in 1964.

Silvio Morelli

Arrived in the US  March 5 1914.  Silvio was a master carpenter. Alfonso and Silvio worked together on many projects for the railroad and the construction of the chicken farm buildings in Kirkland. Silvio was also the master carpenter and builder for  Queen City Farms  in Maple Valley WA. Silvio built all the houses and the pig pens for this 330 acre operation.  Silvio died in 1979 after a ten year battle with dementia.

Tito Ordorico Morelli

Tito Odorico Morelli  was born in San Gregorio, Italy, and came to this country when he was 18.

Tito arrived in the US in 1915.  He contacts Alfonso and gets a job running the water wagon for railroad construction. Later on Tito diecides he prefers working on the chicken farm. 

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Alfonso's Journey

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